We are glad you are here, and hope you will find this space to be an answer to questions, an opportunity for encouragement, and an open invitation to be with us in person. Come on in!


We are a small-town, multi-generational Episcopal church in upstate New York with close ties to our surrounding community. We gratefully approach the mystery of Christ's incarnation during the Holy Eucharist (also known as communion, mass, or the Lord's Supper) and together work out the meaning of His presence in our lives. We accept the possibility of transformation as not merely an idea, but a gift of grace. We receive with gratitude the gifts of compassion and presence, and we work to share these with others . We laugh out loud, sing out loud, and sometimes we sit quietly. We eat together. We welcome children. We have much to learn and we are remarkably imperfect. Yet we are forgiven and loved and that is everything.

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